Africa is really a favorite spot for backpackers from all over the world. This fascinating country provides a number of interesting attractions and adventures for the visitor, as well as an established circle of backpackers hostels, budget tours, and transport choices for the backpacker. Listed below are the 5 best activities in Africa for backpackers.

Safaris: The most famous reason behind going to Africa is to take a safari. Tanzania, Kenya, and South Africa are one of the most favored countries to view wildlife. Kenya’s Masai Mara National Park is probably the most cost effective choice, however, according to the season, you might be best going to the Serengeti in Tanzania or Kruger National Park in South Africa. Wildlife migrates, and even though you do wish to save a couple of bucks, do not do so in the chance of missing what you really came for. While they are the most favored countries for safaris, you can find more great choices in countries which are a bit more off the beaten track.


Tribal Experiences: Lots of people go to Africa for the particular culture. Life carries on in a few places practically untouched by today’s technology. In Turmi, Ethiopia you will get a peek at how life was previously. Rituals and traditions continue in place regardless of the evolving world outside. In Mali, West Africa, you could trek around the Dogon Country and discover women doing their everyday walk towards the well to get water. Usually, to get off the beaten path you’ll need a guide as well as hired car. If you’re planning in advance you could coordinate with some other travelers and divide the charge. This way, everybody benefits.


Beaches: A few African countries have internationally renowned beaches, and although it isn’t really the first image which comes to your mind whenever you think about your African holiday, it could be a fantastic way to unwind right after an African adventure. Locations such as Zanzibar, Tanzania are recognized as backpacker havens, whilst Cape Town, South Africa attracts a higher end group of people. There are a few excellent places for diving around the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt, and you will find a few astonishing seaside resorts in several countries having a coastline. No matter whether you are seeking to relax in vogue and relax on the hammock having a drink, there’s a beach that’s ideal for you in Africa.


Mountain Climbing: Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, is really a life time objective for many individuals. It is a fantastic trek that needs a great amount of planning and patience, however, the reward makes it worth while. Otherwise, you can turn to a few less recognized peaks in Africa like Mount Kenya. All these routes are just as satisfying and in some instances a bit less tough.


Camel Treks: If you are seeking a really unique adventure, a camel trek can get you off the beaten track to view the scenery as well as the Bedouin culture. You will rest beneath more stars compared to what you dreamed possible and meet up with one of the most exciting individuals. It is a unique experience.