Africa still is an excellent travel gem to be uncovered, brimming with plentiful wildlife, various marine life and a few of the world’s finest beaches and most friendly people. Backpacking in Africa can be tough labor, however when you discover a spot which is inexpensive, safe, fun and also on a beach — it is a pure paradise. Here’s a list of the 5 best countries to chill out and rest when you are in Africa:

Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town is considered the backpackers capital of Africa. Long street, around the city center, is really a paradise for backpackers and also the street has a number of the best hostels you’ll ever encounter. Away from city center, you will discover luxurious backpacker lodges having natural green garden spaces as well as views looking over the astonishing 12 apostles and Camps Bay.

Expect to have outings towards the beach, volleyball competitions, group hikes all the way up to the table mountain, bar crawls all around the city center and wine tasting excursions to the Winelands of Stellenbosch as well as Somerset West, with a wild melange of international tourists whom you won’t find elsewhere.

Mombasa, Kenya


You can find a backpackers hostel around Diani beach, South of Mombasa, having the tagline, “It’s not a business. It’s a home with a bar and a pool,’ and truthfully that’s precisely how everything is in Kenya; laid-back, welcoming and ideal for backpackers. Although Kenya doesn’t really have decent hostels, on the whole, there’s a variety of cheap accommodations for the traveler with limited funds from inexpensive hotels to wooden chalets lining the shorelines South and North of Mombasa.

The coast is definitely an amazing destination for snorkeling and diving outings, learning how to sail a dhow or discovering all of the historical ruins including Fort Jesus in Mombasa or perhaps the Ruins of Gedi close to Malindi.

Zanzibar, Tanzania


Every time many people think of Zanzibar, they assume of a tropical isle filled with five-star hotels and individuals in their honeymoon. As you wouldn’t be totally wrong, there’s a lot more to Zanzibar that a majority of people don’t have knowledge of. To begin with, it’s also an incredible spot for budget travelers seeking a break from the challenging trails of mainland Tanzania and Kenya. It’s an opportunity to unwind and relax on one of the most pristine white beaches on earth without any concern in the world.

Zanzibar also offers numerous activities and events, particularly for its budget visitors. Coming from inexpensive beach bars and full moon beach events in Kendwa, to soothing cruising trips, spice tours as well as strolling around Stone Town, there is really something here for each and every budget as well as every preference.

Inhambane, Mozambique


Imagine lengthy white sandy beaches, hammocks, palms, refreshing coconut drinks and sleeping in rooms made from bamboo which line the shore. No jet-skis, no salesmen, no extravagant dining places at rip-off prices…this is real backpacker haven. You could spend your days lying down in the hammock reading through a great book or go out over a traditional dhow for a few snorkeling in a few of the very undamaged coral reefs on earth.

The sole issue you’ll have in regards to Inhambane is, in fact, getting there! A single tip for travel in Mozambique could be to pay a little more for the luxurious buses as you may be venturing for as much as 10 hours. Additionally, avoid Maputo, the capital city, unless of course, your pockets is filled with money – it’s costly as hell.

Taghazout, Morocco


Taghazout is definitely the surfing Paradise of North Africa and draws in both newbie and expert surfers throughout the world. The little town is really a backpackers haven because it is filled with cool hostels having a beach view and inexpensive restaurants which could satisfy even a very frugal backpackers. Surf classes, dune buggies, quad biking, as well as camel rides, are simply a couple of the enjoyable activities available, on this otherwise peaceful seaside town.

Nearby you’ll find Paradise Valley, a lovely palm-lined gorge produced by an earthquake numerous years ago, which you could hike up to in a day trip and even engage in a cliff jumping activities with the locals.