With money being so tight the past decade or so, many people have given up their dreams of traveling the world. However, there always have been a certain crowd that has been able to travel at will as often as they please, and those are the back pack travelers. They go without a lot of the luxury amenities in order to see the world, learn other cultures, to visit the back streets and rural villages the other tourists miss. It may take them an extra day to fly because they’ll take the layover to save $100 on airfare, then they’ll spend another week on vacation with the saved money.

You Can Argue That The Back Packers Spend Less, But See More

It depends on what being on vacation means to each person. Some people spend thousands of dollars to go to faraway places, then never leave the swimming pool, lounge or attached restaurant. They might as well have stayed home and watched TV the whole time.

On the other hand, a back packer might take the chicken bus into some small village where the hotels cost $10 per nigh, drinks are $1 and meals too. They spend the money and time talking to the locals, seeing where they live, go to school, and work on a daily basis. They come away with an experience, but not a high interest credit card bill.

When In Durban, South Africa, Here’s Some Places To Stay

Durban has a lot of inexpensive back packers hostels available, many costing in the $12 to $15 price range per person, depending on the season, of course.

The first of the top 5 Durban backpackers hostels is the Gibela which is located in more of a residential neighborhood. Still, it’s within walking distance of the downtown area where you’ll find plenty of bars, nightclubs, discos, restaurants and other entertaining places. It comes well recommended online, and you should take the time to read the reviews to know which place is best for you and your situation.


Another well liked place is the Curiocity hostel that is inside of an historic colonial building. There are dormitory style rooms, with female only available too, plus you can rent a private room as well. There is a small cinema, private locked storage, charging terminals, yoga classes, and many other amenities. It’s close to the beach, convention center and there are bike rentals available nearby.


The Blue Sky Mining Backpackers And Lodge is a little ways out of the city, but well worth the visit. The location has great ocean views, untouched sandy beaches, great weather and is very affordable. It has dormitory sleeping, camping, and double suite rooms with private baths. There are two swimming pools, a self-serve kitchen, jungle gym, bar and even a travel desk.


The Hadeda House has the budget accommodations where you can do most of the work yourself and save. There are fully equipped kitchens with family style dining, free WiFi, plus coffee and tea. Cheap rates on buses and airport trips can be found at the travel desk. There are smaller dorms, twin bed rooms and other configurations available.

One of the least expensive locations is the Anstey Beach Hostel which is right on the beach. Rated excellent for cleanliness and the location is considered outstanding. You’ll have to do self-catering, but you’ll save money, plus the place is absolutely well rated.

If you haven’t been to Durban for a stay, you should consider going on a budget and taking your back pack. You’ll meet interesting people, have the time of your life, and not spend a whole lot of money.

Time To Visit The Top Durban, South Africa Back Packers Hostels On A Budget

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